There are a few things, I could write about myself. I could go into details, or tell you things that are semi-true but wonderful to hear. I could make myself more interesting than I am. But I don´t want to. Here is the thing:
I was born in 1990 to an Irish mother and a German dad in the hearth of Germany. Funny and weird, as they had met in Japan years before, on a train, in the middle of nowhere. A life, not to predestined for adventure, I guess. But I´m thankful for a large family with three lovely sisters and a great family. 
When I was seven, my parents pushed me towards the first great opportunity: sports. And a lot of it. I´ve been kickboxing my way through belts and competitions, sprinted at regional track and field championships and ended up here: running wonderful exposed alpine trails, climbing different types of rock and cycling miles after miles after miles. Sweat and pain are some of the things I like. 
Photography for me wasn´t always as important as it is now. My sisters and I were raised without a TV, so I ended up looking at a whole bunch of National Geographic magazines on my free afternoons. I didn´t read a lot of them, just stared at the photos of elefant poachers, big wall climbers, ancient indigenous tribes and scifi scienctists building the most ridiculous things.
After dreams of becoming a pilot were crushed because of bad eyesight, I took some detours around social work and trials of becoming a street artist.
These loop ways took me back to photography via my dads old Canon AE-1 Camera.
I ended up doing an apprenticeship as advertising photographer. Three tough but instructive years later I finished as one of the best in my finals and decided that I didn´t want to end up in a dark, lightless studio.

So decisions were made to get into outdoor, extremesports and lifestyle photography, with an affair for medial documentaries and a wide selection of unusual travels.

Turning my passion for photography and the love of sports into my full time job wasn´t an easy way to learn, but a good one. I stuck to my grandmothers (for real) saying: Life is a bitch and then you die, but decided that there are nice bitches, too. (Actually she added: life is a bitch, you pay your taxes and then you die.)

So here I am, presenting you with a wider selection of my work. I´m aware it´s not an easy task to satisfy the majority of viewers and I´m sure that not all know how much effort goes into dangling from high rock faces or crossing Iceland by foot in winter. Thank god not all job require that amount of work.
But I hope everybody can connect to the passion and love for details that goes into creating these images. The people I´m showing, are my family and friends, my teachers and mentors and the lovely cultures and landscapes of the earth.
I also hope that these photos absorb you in in a way that you drop me a line, say hi or just go and look at the world through different eyes. Either way I´d love to hear from you. Thanks and cheers!
July 2017
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Phone: 0049 1573 1663558